RLD Thermique et Ingénierie
7 avenue Marie Curie - 38 500 VOIRON - France - t: +33 4 76 05 03 88 - m: +33 6 73 74 38 79 - contact@thermique-ingenierie.fr
Nuclear Industry Design and construction of conducting heaters and water / water exchangers for a testing nuclear reactor Definition of waste gas condensation treatment facility Liquid CO2 vaporizer  (2,000 Nm3/h)   Thermal air and oil generators (4 kW between -100°C and +80°C)   Separation column for H2 isotopes between 30 °K and 100 °K   Recovery of D2O Heavy Water by condensation Space and Aeronautics Gas generators between +20°C and -180°C for thermal tests Nitrogen gas generator (9 kg/sec) for 1,000 m3 acoustic test chambers (for satellites tests up to 160dB) Thermal vacuum chambers (100 dm3, 300 dm3, 1 m3, 2 m3, 3m3) for space environment simulation (vacuum and temperatures adjustable from -180°C to +200°C) Thermal oil generators (12 kW between -100°C and +170°C Test benches for missile propulsion High altitude simulation chamber Fine Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals  Equipment for freeze dryers Thermalization of chemical reactors LN2 distribution in a cleanroom Electronics Machines for deposition in thin layers Distillation of chemical gases  
Food Industry Titanium heat exchangers for purification of water loaded with fat, using hydrothermal oxidation New extraction and concentration method for licorice CO2 vaporizer for soft drinks    Metallurgy Liquid oxygen vaporizers (1,500 and 6,000 Nm3/h) for zinc production units Revamping of cooling systems (water / water exchangers) in a silicate production plant Liquid nitrogen vaporizer (5,000 Nm3/h) Materials Overall Energy Balance (local heating, steam networks, heat transmission) of adhesives manufacturing plant Definition of a test protocol for measuring the thermal properties of construction materials Nanotechnologies Supercritical ethanol unit Supercritical water unit for the production of nanoparticles University Laboratories Pilot unit for +1000°C tubular rotary furnace Equipment for fatigue testing of materials between -150°C and +20°C